The story of Atlaslava

Welcome to Atlaslava, where our journey isn't just about conquering peaks, but also about treading lightly on the Earth. Born from frustration and a burning ambition, Atlaslava rebels against the norm to create outdoor gear that embodies the true spirit of adventure and sustainability.

We've evolved from anonymous OEM collaborators to a brand with a distinct identity, driven by our desire to infuse every stitch with passion and purpose. Our gear isn't just about meeting standards; it's about setting them, all while harmonizing with the environment we love.

Atlaslava isn't just clothing; it's a symbol of conquering challenges and honoring the Earth. With every piece, you wear more than a product – you wear the spirit of exploration and resilience.

As we expand to Europe and the United States, Atlaslava promises to use cutting-edge materials and processes to craft not just clothing, but a second skin for adventurers. Our commitment is to provide comfort and professionalism while leading the charge in sustainability.



Our goal is to make high quality products which are worthwhile.
We aim to design to last with minimal footprint.