Waterproof Performance Issue
  • Problem: My jacket claims to be waterproof, but it still leaks in the rain. What should I do?
  • Solution: Waterproof performance may diminish over time. Consider reapplying a waterproof spray. Also, check for wear or damage, such as at zippers or seams, which may need repair.
Breathability Issue
  • Problem: I feel uncomfortable wearing clothing with poor breathability during exercise. What should I do?
  • Solution: Opt for materials with good breathability, such as Gore-Tex or high-tech synthetic fibers. Additionally, wearing breathable undergarments can improve ventilation.
Insulation Issue
  • Problem: My clothing doesn't provide enough warmth in cold conditions. How can I address this?
  • Solution: Consider adding insulation layers, such as down jackets or fleece shirts, to increase warmth. Also, ensure clothing fits snugly to the body to minimize internal air pockets, aiding in temperature retention.
Durability Issue
  • Problem: My sports clothing quickly shows signs of wear or tear. What can I do?
  • Solution: Choose durable materials like nylon or coated fabrics. Additionally, observe proper washing and care methods, avoiding harsh detergents or bleach, to extend the lifespan of clothing
Comfort Issue
  • Problem: I feel restricted and uncomfortable in my sports clothing. Is there a solution?
  • Solution: Ensure you select clothing in the appropriate size to avoid it being too tight or too loose. Additionally, consider clothing with adjustable components, such as waistbands or cuffs, for enhanced comfort.
Functionality Issue
  • Problem: I need to carry my phone and other items during outdoor activities but don't know how to manage them.
  • Solution: Choose clothing with multiple pockets and zippers for convenient storage of small items. Additionally, consider carrying a waist pack or backpack to hold larger items, allowing for hands-free movement during exercise.