How to Choose an Outdoor Waterproof Jacket for Outdoor Enthusiasts

How to Choose an Outdoor Waterproof Jacket for Outdoor Enthusiasts

by Yaling Lin on Aug 22, 2023

When you are outdoors, a waterproof jacket becomes very necessary. Because the outdoor climate is complex and changeable, with sudden precipitation. When the body is wet, the body's heat will be lost, so the body will lose temperature. The jacket can resist wind and rain to keep the body warm and dry. This article will teach you how to choose a waterproof jacket that is suitable for you in three parts and provide some suggestions for outdoor enthusiasts.

What’s the role of the outdoor waterproof jacket?

The outdoor waterproof jacket is essential for protecting individuals from the elements during outdoor activities. The waterproof jacket is designed to keep individuals dry and comfortable, even during heavy rains or wet conditions. The waterproof jacket is made from specialized materials that are water-resistant and can deflect water droplets away from the surface. These materials are also breathable, allowing you to stay comfortable and dry even during times of high activity. Additionally, the waterproof jacket can help prevent hypothermia and keep individuals warm during cold and wet conditions. Overall, an outdoor waterproof jacket is essential for individuals who frequently engage in outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, fishing, and more, as it can help protect against the elements and ensure comfort and safety.

How do I choose an outdoor waterproof jacket?

Many factors determine whether a waterproof jacket is good or not. I will introduce how to choose a waterproof jacket that suits you in three parts.


There are many types of waterproof jackets. The lightweight fabric is suitable for running. The elastic fabric is suitable for climbing, cycling, or other scenes requiring large movements. Hard and firm fabric provides greater protection for you.


  • Adjusters

Usually, there are elastic belts, Velcro, and drawstrings. They may be distributed in the hood, cuffs, hem, or other places for flexible adjustment and fitting to the body.

  • Zips

Waterproof zippers( like SBS®) have strong waterproof performance and can effectively resist moisture penetration. In addition, it also has the characteristics of wear resistance, high-temperature resistance, and cold resistance to ensure reliability under different conditions.

  • Pockets

If there is no pocket, it may make us less convenient. The exterior pocket can hold some commonly used items, which is convenient to take, and the inner pocket can hold some important items in case of loss.

  • Hood

Some jackets come with hoods that can be pulled up or off, so the hood doesn’t flutter around when you’re not wearing it.

  • Chin Gard

Some jackets will have a triangular protector under the chin called a chin guard. It can not only prevent chafing but also keep the neck warm.

These features can increase the functionality and practicality of the jacket, making it more convenient and comfortable for outdoor activities.


  • Lightweight & Thermal Degree

The weight directly affects the texture, air permeability, warmth retention, and applicable occasions of the fabric. In general, lighter-weight fabrics are usually thinner and more breathable and suitable for summer or sportswear, while heavier fabrics are thicker and warmer and suitable for winter or outerwear.

  • Waterproof Rating

The easiest and crudest way to observe its waterproof performance is to look at its waterproof rating. The higher the waterproof rating, the stronger the waterproof performance. And the waterproof rating can be divided into the following parts:

  • 3000 mm–5000 mm: It’s only used for travel between cities and daily outdoor wear.
  • 6000 mm–8000 mm: Professional outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, or crossing.
  • >10000 mm: Professional mountaineering, exploration, and other outdoor activities in difficult natural conditions.

As to how to choose, the key depends on your actual needs, and the one that suits you is the best.

  • Breathability

After exercising and sweating, if the moisture that stays on the body surface is sandwiched between the body and the clothes, the moisture in the clothes will quickly rise to 100% after intense exercise. If the clothes are not breathable, the moisture in the clothes cannot be discharged from the body through the clothes, and the non-flow of water vapor will inevitably cause the body surface to feel damp. Good air permeability can keep the body surface dry, which is undoubtedly an important part of the windproof jacket.

Let’s go and choose a waterproof jacket that suits you!

All in all, the waterproof jacket is a very practical piece of clothing that can protect you from the elements. Whether you are outdoors or need to face all kinds of weather conditions, a good waterproof jacket can make you feel more comfortable and safe. Now go and choose a waterproof jacket that suits you!

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    I will be going on a horseback riding Adventure in the Loire Valley. I need a very lightweight packable waterproof rain jacket. I’m doing carry-on I don’t have room for anything bulky. It must have good breathability. The weather will be early fall and probably warm


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