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What to Wear for a Mountain Hike

by BaiJason on Apr 18, 2022

If your hiking adventure is around the corner, wearing the best-quality clothing is a must! You can often hear hikers say that there’s no bad weather, only bad clothing. The right gear will help you enjoy hiking without worrying about what nature can bring you.

Knowing what to wear adds to gaining practice before your hiking journey starts. With proper attire, nothing can beat you to reaching that summit! This short guide will offer recommendations when choosing your hiking attire.

1. Hiking Pants

Quick-drying materials for any hiking journey are the key to a successful one. Pants that can last with any hazards will help you run a smooth journey through time.

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2. Comfortable Shirt

A comfortable shirt with a protecting layer (during summer) is recommended. Hikers prefer to choose a lightweight top to help them breathe while hiking. Dri-fit shirts are also an excellent choice for buying shirts. It’s made of 100% polyester enabling you to move.

3. Lightweight Jacket

Jackets are optional but are essential. If you’re hiking around the summer, you won’t need jackets as part of your attire. But a rule of thumb is to choose a packable, windproof, and waterproof jacket. When picking, ensure that the jacket is good in any weather condition that may surprise you on your hike.

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4. Underwear

It’s essential to wear something comfortable for your underwear. Choose something that moves the moisture away from your body. This factor will help you avoid uncomfortable wetness. Underwears with merino wool, polyester, and nylon are ideal.

5. Hiking Shoes

Shoes are what most hikers invest in. The right shoes will save you a thousand times when you’re hiking. When choosing one, ensure to rely upon these factors:

  • Personal Preference: This part includes the factors that find you comfortable. It may also involve your budget or the brand of choice.
  • Weather Conditions: The strength of your shoes will also depend on the weather you will hike. In such cases, a rainy hike would need waterproof and durable footwear to keep you moving on your journey.
  • Trail Terrain: Sneakers are a good pair if you’re walking through a flat trail. A couple of boots with ankle protection are ideal for hiking at an increased elevation.

6. Sports Socks

Cotton socks are not recommended for hiking! Remember that any cotton material can absorb sweat. So, you may not feel comfortable having wet feet all around the hike. You can also encounter painful blisters, which can make your journey miserable. Instead, choose sports socks that are breathable and comfortable to wear.

When it comes to choosing your hiking attire, remember these essentials. Remember not to wear any cotton. Only choose clothes made of polyester, nylon, or merino wool. Comfortable, easy, and sturdy shoes are all you need for the best hiking journey! For the best clothing pieces for a mountain hike, get your essentials from Atlaslava Outdoor.

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