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Hiking vs. Trekking: Understanding The Difference

par {{ author }} BaiJason au Apr 18, 2022

You pack hiking things and are ready to go on an adventure with your friends. But not until they told you that you would only go for a trek.

Most people tend to use mountaineering, hiking, and Trekking like all these are the same thing. If you're confused about how Trekking and hiking differ, this post will tell you!

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Trekking vs. Hiking

Trekking means making a difficult and long journey. Hiking is an activity that goes for long walks in the country for pleasure. The activities are pretty similar in the same way. The only difference is that with Trekking, you need more time and better organization. The distinction between hiking and Trekking is all about its preparation. Hiking is best described as walking. Trekking is a journey that indicates more than a simple walk.


Duration is one of the distinctions between Trekking and hiking. Trekking usually lasts for two days and often longer than that. People who go on Trekking do not have a destination in mind. Usually, they aim to reach their goal and walk thousands of kilometers per trekking trip.

Hikes are shorter in duration compared to Trekking. So, when somebody goes hiking, that equates to a few long hours of work or even a whole day. It can also be an overnight experience, but it won't take several days as Trekking would usually do.


Equipment for Trekking and hiking are not the same. You'll only need the basics for hiking, like good boots and shoes. But for Trekking, it must be suitable for mountaineering. Also, ensure appropriate clothing that can handle sudden changes in weather or temperatures.

Use a backpack to store your food, water, and other activities. There is no need for maps or compasses when hiking because trails are present. It's also easier to hike than trek because signs state where you should go and how far it is from your current place. In general, you'll need more equipment for Trekking. That idea starts with a compass, maps, and sleeping bag.

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Summing Up

Hiking and Trekking may be the same in their thoughts and values, but they differ in many aspects. If you have read this post, you already have a good idea of the distinction between the two. Hiking is an easier and shorter journey. It is walked on marked trails or even on destination hikes.

Trekking includes a specific destination. Its path goes through different and rough terrains requiring more equipment and preparedness. So, good luck on your next journey! Whether you will choose Trekking or hiking as your trip!

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